Cache Hotel Boutique Playa Del Carmen

Cache Hotel Boutique is a hotel in the center of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. If you ever consider this place for your visit, think again. This is how our stay went in this hotel.

On the first day we chose a room for 3000 MXN. They tried to charge us 5000 instead of the 3000 we agreed on. A room which we paid for. After a 2 hours walk waiting for the checking to begin we were told that the room had a broken air conditioner so they gave us another smaller room. The room that we liked was given out later that day.

In the rooms of Cache Hotel Boutique, you enter with a keycard. We were given either a wrong keycard or not working keycard. We had to go back and forth 3 times to the reception below before we can enter the room.

We moved into the room. There was only 1 chair and we asked for another one which we did not get after 2 reminders and 3 days. There were no glasses in the room either.

The toilet flusher was broken. We asked the staff of Cache Hotel Boutique to fix it and also bring us the other chair. Needless to say neither of these things happened. We had to pour water with the bucket for the trash and use it to flush the toilet. Also the tap is made in a weird way so when you turn the knobs the water starts spraying everywhere and the sink is leaking all over the place.

Later that night when taking a shower it turned out there is no warm water so we took a cold shower in Playa del Carmen.

In the morning there was no water at all. Now we can't even use the trash bucket to flush the toilet. We asked the staff of Cache Hotel Boutique to do something about the water the flusher and chair. Nothing was done again.

On the same day after a long trip, we saw that after cleaning the staff of the Cache Hotel Boutique had taken some of our belongings. We talked with the staff who didn't even say sorry and were just laughing and smiling at us. 

On the third day there was no water again. We figured out that more things were stolen from us so we went to the police station to make a report for the insurance that we had. While we were at the police station, our key card for the hotel room randomly stopped working. We lost one day of our vacation going to the police and waiting for the room to be open since no other keycard could open the room.

While we were waiting for our door to be fixed, we managed to witness the greatness of the work of the staff of Cache Hotel Boutique who were making jokes how we watched them and we rested while they were working. While we were indeed losing from our vacation time.

During our "rest" another couple moved in. At first they were also given the wrong keycard several times. When they went inside the room they had to talk with the staff of Cache Hotel Boutique about how bad their internet connection was. After 20 minutes in their room next to us, they just packed their things back and left the hotel.

In the nights this hotel is a brothel. So prostitutes have sex with the visitors with open window shades. Even with the shades lowered you can still see everything because they are also cheap like everything in the hotel. If you want to see fat ugly prostitutes having sex with old fat guys Cache Hotel Boutique in Playa del Carmen is your place.

Thank you Cache Hotel Boutique!!!!